Bradley Stoke in Bloom

Another video I've produced for BSR; this time an interview with Sara Messenger from Bradley Stoke in Bloom.

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10 Go to Devon

A reasonably old video, but one that I like to revisit every so often.

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Rain & Adventuring

Night Sky

With all this rain around, you'd be forgiven for thinking we were still in December, not entering February. I'm not sure how much sense that actually makes, but yeah, the rain and wind does somewhat put a damper on any wood-fired pizza cravings, if only for the fact any gazebo

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Mongol Rally

I really want to do this. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found anyone stupid brave enough to do it with me.

As a bit of background, The Mongol Rally is a 10,000 mile unsupported adventure from the UK to Mongolia run by The Adventurists. You have to complete the rally

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Birdy - Wings

I enjoy how heavy a part music plays in my day to day life, be that while I'm writing code, or at the radio station. Inevitably though, sometimes I just like to sit and look for music I've not heard before, like this track from Birdy.

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Usually around this time of year I'll come out with some form of retrospective on the previous 12 months, a bit of somber self reflection.

But I don't figure that does any good really. So instead, here are some plans for the next year. I suppose this will act as

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GPS Time For Radio

Satellite Geekery

A fairly large portion of my week at the moment is spent doing (mostly tech) work for my local community radio station. One thing I enjoy doing in general is solving problems (it falls within my nature quite nicely), so when I was asked if I could find a good

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Time Flies

Gin & Tonic in Devon

I've had the last week off work to spend some time with a friend who has, as of Thursday, moved to Australia. For the mostpart, this involved cider, beef brisket and a whole load of films, before driving him over to Heathrow so he could catch his flight.

It really

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