If you've spent any length of time around YouTube you might very well have stumbled upon the work of Freddie Wong and RocketJump.

"We've been doing videos for four years now, which is like a lifetime in internet years. To put that in perspective, four years ago, was

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Of Mice & Men

Give way to radioactive bears

I used to be very into my emo/rock as a teenager - a phase I like to call my "Kerrang! Radio phase". Thesedays however I'll listen to (pretty much) anything. This means my playlists can swing fairly wildly, with a dubstep binge being instantly followed by the soundtrack from

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Kate Humble

Last week I managed to get out of the studio to make another video for BSR. This time I was on the south bank of the River Avon in Bristol, filming an interview with television presenter Kate Humble.

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